Questions about Shipping
(Feel Free to Call for Help with Weight)

We ship 2 times a week.

We ship "Freight Collect" so we are not involved in the shipping process other than the preparation of the motors for shipping. We prepare motors for shipping at "NO COST" to you. Other shops charge as much as $100 to prepare a motor for shipping. We use a Custom Pallet, covered with carpet (Most Cases), and nylon bands to band the motor to the pallet. Laminated shipping labels stapled to the pallet. If you are purchasing a powerhead it will come bolted to a pallet and shrink wrapped.

R&L-Gator Freight is the best deal overall. Call our broker, Frankie Cowgill, at (928) 583-7251. Tell him you are shipping (Number of Pounds), 
Class 70, on a Pallet, from Lakeland, Fl 33868. He will give you a
quote number and price, without obligation.

Class 70 is for "Used" Motors
Please understand that your "Rebuilt" motor 
will be shipped as "Used" only to save YOU money.
(Don't worry, your Invoice and Warranty will be CLEARLY marked "Rebuilt")

A Few Tips
It is always cheaper to ship "Terminal to Terminal" and we deliver to the terminal on our end. Also to a business is cheaper than to a residencial address. Haggle, it seems to work. Tell them another carrier was cheaper.

If you are shipping a powerhead to have it rebuilt be sure and set up shipping as a "Round Trip" to save money.

Check the Weight of my Motor