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NOTICE: The roof of this building is in tact. The sailboat was laying on it's side as it "Punched" through the roof, bending the mast at the bottom.
It's not the fact that this 110' "STEEL" Research Vessel is "High and Dry", this vessel is 2 MILES from water deeper than 3 feet. That is a 3 story apartment building in the background, and behind that is Biscayne Bay, home of "Biscayne National Park". The water is only 2' deep for miles, then drops to 6' for another couple of miles.
BlackPoint Marina
South Dade
August 23, 1992
(The Morning After)
This Sailboat is "Perched" on the 4 poles forming 2 ladders on either side of the dock. We had to tow the SeaRay (Under Sailboat) out of the marina. We were among the first to receive a "Special" permit issued by the National Park Service, to enter and remove damaged vessels from the marina.
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