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~ On Land ~
My House. The red boat is my 27' Wellcraft. The white Mercury was my neighbors car. The boat went up and over the car without hurting it, but on the way down it took out his carport. The 4X6 timber that normally sits on top of the steel poles, was under the boat.
My Street. Giant twin rotor helecopters dropping food and supplies. National Guard on patrol. A neighbor commented, "I'll bet it takes 2 or 3 weeks to get electric again." I reminded her that there wasn't a telephone pole for 5 miles in any direction. Electricity was going to take months, not weeks.
I had a "Plan", my 15,000w generator. I hooked it directly to the meter and we were in business. Freinds came to my house to watch Monday Nite Football in the AC, making popcorn and doing laundry only to have to use a flashlight to go home in the dark.
I spent $1100 on Fuel in the 9 weeks we were without electric
A $250K house in "Lakes by the Bay"
People were in the house during the storm. Neighbors had run from their houses, to this house, as their houses "Crumbled". Four families ended up here when it was all said and done.
All Were Fine
This was a Dade County Maintainance Facility near BlackPoint Marina. These are county vehicles that were left outside the building, of course it doesn't look like it made any difference, the building is in the background and would not have been much protection.
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